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HouseDr is a family owned & operated small business fully Liability Insured. With backgrounds in plumbing and real estate and over 25+ years experience in renovations and rehabs, we offer our clients reasonable rates on general home repairs, maintenance and renovation projects. Work done with integrity toward offering an honest days work for an honest days pay.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Build something NEW!

In a booming economy where everyone is bringing home some bacon new New NEW is the way of the day.  Disposal breaks down?  Install a new one with all the latest and greatest gadgets and extras!  You've seen the display for the updated look on "old fashion" styled washers and dryers, and they are PRETTY!  Who wouldn't enjoy doing laundry in a shiny new deep red set?  That glass door front load laundromat look is IN! House too small for entertaining in style?  Bigger and better just got built up the road! 

I used to do something different, too, when the economy was booming.  Like me, I'm sure you've felt the pinch - some in more ways than one.  Bringing home the bacon is getting a lot harder, so spending it takes more consideration as well.  I noticed something else about this economy.  Families are responding by banding together.  The kids aren't just coming home after college while they find a job.  They're coming home to help keep the home in the family.  "Blended family" is taking on new meaning as married children partner with aq set of parents to share one big family house.

That means more people putting more stress on existing houses.  Up and moving to "bigger and better" isn't the answer for many right now.  A lot more remodeling is taking place, a lot more adding on.  And a lot more repairing and re-using what we've got is also the smarter way to go at this time.  Instead of fretting over losing what WAS, HouseDr is hunkering down and thoroughly enjoying a whole new way of life.  Handyman suits me!  I like fixing things.  I like rebuilding and reshaping the stuff we use in our lives.  I find I am enjoying rebuilding and reshaping my life along the way as well.  And I'm meeting a lot of great folks I wouldn't have met otherwise.

NOW is a great time...

Real Estate is such an interesting Industry.  Usually, when prices are down low on a product it flies off the shelves.  Real Estate is so different!  Housing prices keep falling and less and less homes are on the market for sale as a result.

Sure, now may not be the best time to put your house on the market so you can buy a new one - but you don't have to put up with that dated kitchen or bath!

Kitchen and Bath updates not only make an entire house feel "brand new" but they almost always enhance the value of a home.  Now may not be the best time for selling, but somewhere down the line when the time is right you'll be ready!  And you can enjoy the fresh "new" feeling right now, too!

Paint is another excellent way to refresh your home with a minimum of interruption to daily life.  Colors change along with the seasons - why shouldn't the colors in your home?  A freshly painted room gives a whole "new" feel and ambience to a home!

Don't wait!  Drive away those winter doldrums and REFRESH your home for the New Year!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gotta LOVE what you're doing!

From whoa to WOW! with just a little stronger paint color and contrasting trim, this house goes from dull to DARING!

The first time we came around the corner, it was easy to drive right past the house without even seeing it!  Light shade of yellow, light colored trim - the owner told us even people who HAD been to the home before tended to drive right past and have to turn around!  AMAZING what the right colors can do for your home!

The beautiful stonework on the front of the house just "disappeared" into the washed out color it previously was.  Now, it stands out and WOWS 'em!  This isn't the first house on this block, but now it's the first one that draws your eye when you come around that corner!



Monday, October 1, 2012

It ain't work if.....

If you really love what you do, can it still be called work?

"Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life"

Know who said that?  Confucious.  Strange name, great ideas.
I used to have a J - O - B and I was not a happy person.  I was a trapped person.  I was a grumpy person, but I was not truly satisfied with my life.  NOT ANYMORE!  I made the decision to stop having a J - O - B and yes, it was and still is slightly less stable in terms of weekly paychecks.  The payoff though, is that LOVING WHAT I DO means I am satisfied and happy.  Being satisfied and happy with how I earn my living has led to many other very wonderful changes.  Like not being grumpy, or at least not AS grumpy in other areas of my life as well.  Things just don't seem to "get on my nerves" like they used to.
Another wonderful side effect has been how it affects the rest of my family.  When I am calmer, my whole family is calmer.  Since giving up the J - O - B there is a new peace and tranquility in my home life.  And I like it!  I sleep better at night.  I'm eating healthier - could that be because food was a "comfort" when I was upset and tense and I no longer am tense, so I don't eat as much bad for my health "comfort" food?  Probably.  All I know is, I'm eating healthier and without dieting or trying, I've lost weight as well! 
I'm not saying everyone should become a handyman.  And I'm not even saying everyone should be an entrepreneur and start their own business.  What I am saying is that everyone should make a little effort to find WHATEVER type or kind of work makes them feel good about what they are doing and do everything you possibly can to put yourself in the position necessary to make that type or kind of work HOW you make your living.  So even if you are going to an office, factory or shop everyday of your work week, you aren't going to a J - O - B that makes you miserable, but you are going to spend your day doing what you love to do to make a living and then going home to peace, happiness and tranquil family relations.
 As a "Handyman" I claim no privilege or grand insight into human nature.  I'm just sharing with you what has worked for me.  I hope you find it will work for you, too.  Oh, and if you need repairs, updates, remodeling or maintenance, I hope you'll let ME work for you, too.



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's taking so long?

I'm going to post my Pet Peeve, and then you can comment and post your Pet Peeve, okay?  Ok! 

Over the years of doing maintenance and repair work for folks, I have found this over and over again.  I switched from an hourly charge to Project Bids for just this reason, and yet, I find this still holds true! 

People show me their repair need, and after asking price they inevitably ask "how long will this take?"   There are so many variables that come into play!  Take as a for instance putting in a new countertop.  Sounds straight forward, right?  Yet, there are several things that may change as I begin the project!  Sizing and shape and accommodating other factors may change as I go!

So my original estimate of one day or two days, may overflow into a third morning.  I don't work slowly, so much as I try to work CAREFULLY.  So that the final project is more than just "satisfactory", but instead is pleasing to the client.

When I worked by the hour, if I stopped for a bathroom break, it seemed like people felt like I was cheating them.  "Are you done yet?" I would constantly hear.  What a TOUGH question!  I felt like I had to rush, but rushing causes mistakes so that wasn't the way I wanted to go!   I switched to charging by the Project, thinking this would eleviate this little PET PEEVE of mine.  Then when I take a lunch break, hey, no sweat, your not paying for it!  If I run into a difficulty and take longer to finish in order that the project is done correctly, there shouldn't be an issue, right?

NOT SO!  Even when I say 4-5 days to complete something, on day 2 I inevitably hear that tough question "are you done yet?"  This is the grown up version of "are we there yet?"  I understand, truly, I do, but this is still a tough question!

I have 2 rules in my business. 

Rule One:  DON'T RUSH!  Do the job right, whatever amount of time it takes. 
Rule Two:  Always go the "extra mile".  Do a little something more than expected.

Clients don't always notice right away, but that's alright.  Eventually they will.  Then when I ask for references or referrals, I'm more likely to get them.  I don't get everything done perfectly - perfect just doesn't exist this side of Heaven.  But I do my very best to get everything done RIGHT!
 It just might take longer than a minute, that's all.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PAINT; Colors, Textures, Styles - HELP!

One of the great things about PAINT is that if you don't like it - you can easily change it!  It's not so expensive that you should feel like you HAVE to live with a color or a "style" of painting that you decide you aren't that comfortable with!

Paint is so easily covered up - no need for messy "demolition" or expensive "removals".  A coat of a good primer and your ready to go again!  With all the samples available now, it's so easy to try out a few color choices, or even textures and styles - and live with it a few days.  See how it looks in different light, at different times of the day - THEN choose!

And if you STILL don't like it - DO IT AGAIN!

So go ahead, PAINT, experiment - try a color you NEVER thought you would.  LOVE that wall now?  Go ahead and paint the whole room - or the whole house!

Need help?  Give me a call - HouseDr: WE MAKE HOUSE CALLS!
HouseDr does remodels, repairs, PAINTING, maintenance and Kitchen and Bath Updates!